TDC is the TOP RANKED Consulting Firm for the
Wood Truss, Wall Panel, and Modular Manufacturing Industries

#1 For Recommendations with approximately 1/3rd Providing Public Testimonials

15+ Years of Comprehensive and Refined Consulting Services with Proven Results

Cost Savings and Net Profit Gains that Usually take Months or Years,
Can be Accomplished in Weeks or Months with TDC

A proven lean manufacturing and industrial engineering trained expert with 100+ paid consultations. Approximately 1/3rd of clients providing written testimonials. 15+ years of refined and structured service with 30+ years in the truss industry.



Todd, You have a high opinion of the value of your services, and you are not bashful about charging. We have been building trusses since 1962. We believe our people are better than average; our equipment is as good as the best, our yard layout is adequate for our business and over all we questioned whether or not, considering what you charge, it would be worth it. Not wanting to be too myopic we decided to spend some money and listen to you. I will make this note short. It was the best investment I ever made for our truss shop. I no longer think you are expensive. You covered so much that we will be forever appreciative.

Harold LaValley
Founder and Owner.
Newport, NH Corporate Office


The number one expert for reducing cost and improving productivity in all departments of the wood truss and wall panel manufacturing using proven and practical lean manufacturing practices combined with industrial engineering. Go beyond what the typical truss plate and equipment vendor recommendations for your operations and do what so many different companies have dared to do.

When asked when is the best time to do a consultation...

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,
the second best time is

Chinese Proverb 

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